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Nicolas Zlatoff - CH

Banquet (Sumposion)

Tue, 1 February 2022

19H00 - (Doors: 18H30)

Salle du Théâtre (mairie)

Wed, 2 February 2022

19H00 - (Doors: 18H30)

Théâtre de Perly-Certoux


Plein tarif: 40 CHF
Tarif réduit: 30 CHF


Reduced price (AVS « age and survivors insurance », unemployed, AI « disability insurance », Passedanse*)
Youth price (< 20 year old, student)
Junior (< 12 year old, owners of the « 20ans20francs » card)

The prices on the online shop are the only ones to be valid.
*Holders of the PASSEDANSE are entitled to the RP for the dance shows only.

Quick, a raclette! Enjoy a hassle-free “thinking show” where actors and audience share the same table to drink, think and act together.

In ancient Greece, a banquet (from sumposion: “to drink together”) was a kind of closed men’s club where members gathered to eat, drink and talk philosophy. In Nicolas Zlatoff’s work, it’s a raclette meal during which actors and audience laugh together in honour of an idea. Some actors make speeches, sing or dance. Others tell legendary or intimate stories, or read texts written on the spot. From one speech to the next, discussions flow between the audience members. We agree or disagree. Agreeing feels good. Arguing (a little) is optional. And every evening we do it again, with joy and rowdiness, in light of an ever-changing topic: the seasons or Dionysus, love or winter…

Duration of the show + meal: 3h30

Recommended for ages 14 and up

Co-hosted by Commune de Perly-Certoux