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David Keenan - IE

Sat, 5 February 2022

18H00 - (Doors: 17H30)

Chapelle d'Anières. Paroisse de Anières-Vésenaz

Sat, 5 February 2022

20H30 - (Doors: 20H00)

Chapelle d'Anières. Paroisse de Anières-Vésenaz


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David Keenan is a magnetic storyteller whose folk music drums ancient souls into contemporary everyday life. Each of his songs is an emotional domino chain reaction.

David Keenan is a writer and a musician, an Irish griot with a deep and mellifluous voice who casts his lyrics in a holistic, folk-like round. He exudes haunting energy and power, like a light dolmen or an old soul of the British Isles. Each of his songs are encounters, worlds more beautiful sung than lived, delivering uppercuts and gentle caresses with two arpeggios. Keenan is a raw musician who thrived on street concerts where communion with the audience is always a signal of magic and selfless risk-taking to foster deep relationships of trust. Born in Dundalk, signed up to Rubyworth, Keenan has the intensity and poetic verve of Grant Lee Buffalo, the finesse, delicacy and penmanship of Leonard Cohen, all of this nurtured by the Furey Brothers. Listening to him is an experience, seeing him on stage an initiation.

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