Antigel - THE TWO



Tue, 9 February

21H00 - (Doors: 20H00)

Fondation Partage, Carouge

The Two takes us on a journey to reassuring places between deep blues’ vibrations and delightful beaches.

Since their first album, Sweet Dirty Blues (2014), Thierry Jaccard and Yannick Nanette have been inviting us to travel with the blues as a matrix, a vibration of the depths and as a guiding thread. The Two cradles us with high-pitched and spellbinding waves like those on a lethargic Sunday on a Mauritian beach. Meticulous and precise craftsmen, they carry us far into the bayou with their gut-wrenching blues or take us on sweet and languorous trips, reminding us that the blues is also a music of love and hope. Their songs, with their modern and Creole sounds, enshroud and send us out into the open sea like a musical letter. Sincere and organic, a live band above all, The Two opens its soul in all simplicity and authenticity, carrying the audience along in a contagious wave of optimism that is infinitely alive and infinitely joyful.

En coproduction avec la Fondation Partage – Banque Alimentaire Genevoise

Fondation Partage, Carouge

Sharing as a raison d’être: such is the meaning of this foundation’s name in Carouge which has been fighting hunger and waste since 2005. Its mission is more relevant than ever in these times of social emergency. Fondation Partage distributes tons of food, which is collected rather than thrown away, and gives a little aid to almost 10,000 people a week through some 50 charities. In winter, it also concocts invigorating soups using fresh produce. A vital mission accomplished through solidarity, with the help of more than 700 volunteers. The association also plays an awareness-raising role among the Geneva population, particularly with a view to moving towards a “zero waste” society.