Thu, 11 February

20H30 - (Doors: 20H00)

Manège d’Onex, Onex

San Salvador embodies the revival of Occitan music on the fringes of traditional music.

Anecdotally the group is called San Salvador, in reference to the small village where its members were born, San Salvadour in Corrèze, France. The six singers, three boys and three girls, lifelong friends, draw on the energy and raw poetry of the traditional music of the Massif Central to extract lively and modern polyphonic songs that combine poetry with mesmerising vocal harmonies cascading over shifting patterns of compelling percussion. They sing in Occitan timeless joys and tragedies, alternating between exalted laments and wild rides, to the breathless rhythm of toms, claps and tambourines, in a techno-flavoured tribal trance. In turn bewitching and deafening, their astoundingly intense songs take us into a magical world where the castles of yesteryear sit next to the factories of today. San Salvador dusts traditions to give them a modern edge.

Manège d’Onex, Onex

Clip-clop, clip-clop… Aspiring jockeys or experienced riders will find something to satisfy their passion here. A short distance from Geneva, in a magnificent green setting, the Onex riding school opens its doors for competition or for leisure. With its covered hall and sand paddocks, it helps everyone to progress at their own pace. It also welcomes ponies and horses in its pretty boarding house. Saddle up and giddy-up!


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