Sun, 31 January

20H00 - (Doors: 19H00)

L’épicentre, Collonge-Bellerive

Slow train coming! Pierre Omer & the Nightcruisers orchestrate a dense, joyful and profound cinematic road-trip.

You could imagine a long Indian summer road at the wheel of a lonely Chevrolet 69, listening to Time Flies (2020) if it weren’t for the orchestration and the rolling drums, jerking the rails of a night train. Pierre Omer & the Nightcruisers fly by like intense, grave and joyful hobos, each song like a wagon, a compartment where the movements, lights and characters of a songwriter’s film interlace and intertwine. Sometimes the train stops on immense and ethereal plains or on the outskirts of lost cities, and the brass instruments turn the night to felt. Then the whole machine jolts and our bodies with it. The road, again, grabs us and transports us and everyone finds their way. In a folk rock vein reminiscent of The Tindersticks, Richard Hawley or even Scott Walker, Pierre Omer & the Nightcruisers are both the landscape and the journey through it. Don’t miss the train!

En coproduction avec L’Épicentre

L’épicentre, Collonge-Bellerive

It is not telluric tremors, but rather artistic explosions that regularly electrify the stage of this superb cultural centre, inaugurated in Collonge-Bellerive on 1 December 2000. Since then, L’Épicentre has welcomed artists from all over the world for intimate concerts, dance performances and theatre plays. A warm setting, with remarkable acoustics, all in wood and concrete, where revelry reaches the top of the Richter scale, in a spirit of sharing and discovery.