Sat, 30 January 2021

20H00 - (Doors: 19H00)

Théâtre Le douze dix-huit, Le Grand-Saconnex

Jazz is a city to walk through at night and the piano of Marc Perrenoud, as an enlightened guide, points out its ethereal wonders.

A piano, drums and a bass: Clear, melancholic melodies and felt-like rhythms. The scales of the night, under Marc Perrenoud’s fingers are mild, saturnian and sibylline. Brushing against the alleyways, we come across the shadows of Bach and Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Wojciech Kilar’s The King and the Mockingbird soundtrack. The asphalt is a river, the facades, slow-motion waterfalls or languid cavalcades at times. The warm timbre of Perrenoud’s music roams within the walls of a slow, tumultuous city, takes a sequence-shot stroll in Joyce’s Dublin or along a sleepy market at dawn in Beirut, before weaving a velvet ballet in the Old Town of Geneva. Cyril Regamey’s drums cover the night with a rain of feathers, while Marco Müller’s bass breathes the notes that Perrenoud drops along his avenues as we walk across his music as if in a delightful city.

Théâtre Le douze dix-huit, Le Grand-Saconnex

Inaugurated just 18 months ago… A figure it clearly likes, Le douze dix-huit (1218) theatre’s name refers to Grand-Saconnex’s postal code. The theatre displays its refined architecture at the heart of the Pommier farm. Its red and black interior hosts, throughout the year, varied shows accessible to all, programmed by the Geneva company lesArts: dance, comedy theatre, music and cinema. In addition to hosting shows, the venue also welcomes group theatre classes. Everything runs smoothly in this new cultural centre, the first of its kind in 1218.