Sun, 31 January

20H30 - (Doors: 20H00)

Théâtre Am Stram Gram, Geneva

Embodying the renewal of French minimalist electro, Malik Djoudi paints our ears blue and whispers his sensual spleen.

Malik Djoudi’s softly minimalist electro pop is a chromatic field, a variation of the blues, those of the soul and those of the sea, those of sensual 1980s nostalgia, boyish post-masculine blues, the midnight blues of a cosy room or the melancholy blues of dawn. And if colour shades the tones, Djoudi’s ethereal voice slips a crystalline timbre into a contemplative or tenderly dancing spleen. Listening to him, one has the impression of doing tai chi on a silk thread, in mid-air, of no longer being in the moon, but holding it close to our hearts, before throwing it towards the sea spray and watching it roll suavely over cottony waves. There’s a hint of Etienne Daho, Sébastien Tellier, Aquaserge or Rone, but discrete, distant, in Djoudi’s blue-tinted world.

Théâtre Am Stram Gram, Geneva

Its rows bring together adults and children in a joyful intergenerational melting pot of people looking to dream, marvel, escape and reflect on contemporary issues. Opened in 1992 under the impetus of Dominique Catton and Nathalie Nath, the Am Stram Gram theatre has become an international reference for the quality of the shows it creates and hosts every year. Directed by playwright Fabrice Melquiot since 2012, it continues its quest for originality and high standards. The programme is curated by a collective of children aged 12 to 15 and adults, members of the permanent team.