Tresque embarks on a minimalist techno trip between flashing nascent stars, droning supernovas, and myriads of crackling asteroids.

In these times of locked-down dancefloors, Antigel invites you to sit in your own pod for an interplanetary journey into the constellation of Tresque. From the very first beat, the Geneva musician (also known as D’Incise, and for his work with La Tène) constructs, in a circular movement, a minimalist and methodical pulse where the bass pushes forward a myriad of crackling sounds that cling and weave around the ears, forming an interstellar tapestry of nebulae and supernovas. The trip begins, propelled by kinetic rhythms with Spartan dub and concrete music shooting through, into the heart of the cosmic void. A manufacturer of fragmented silence and repetitive and progressive soundscapes, Tresque (which is the name of an almost forgotten medieval dance) shapes an idea of radical techno, with hints of stasis and evolution that are reminiscent of Monolake, The Field or The Hauntologists.

En coproduction avec le Grand Théâtre de Genève


Hall du Grand Théâtre de Genève – Grand foyer, Geneva

Rehearsals for Wagner’s Valkyrie were in full swing when a terrible fire started in the stage house and the hall back in 1951 and the Grand Théâtre de Genève, an imposing Beaux-Arts and Second Empire building dating back to 1879, was partially destroyed. Some ten years later it reopened its doors to the public. Several modernisation works followed, such as the stage house and bridge. Between 2016 and 2019, the theatre was closed, and shows were hosted at the Opéra des Nations. The building was then transformed, expanded, restored and adapted to meet the requirements of an international level, 21st-century opera house. This year Antigel’s artists will make their synthesisers heard under the golden ceiling of the grand foyer.


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