Antigel - JESCA HOOP



Fri, 29 January 2021

20H30 - (Doors: 20H00)

Paroisse d'Anières-Vésenaz

With her sparkling, lyrical folk, Jesca Hoop sublimates her spleen in soft, haunting harmonies.

A subtle flower born in the Mormon patriarchal soil from which she emerged as the nanny for Tom Waits’ children, the intoxicating belladonna Jesca Hoop spews out her radically militant and delicately enraged ballads. A little of PJ Harvey’s sap seeps through her lyrical and minimal folk in rhythms at times reminiscent of Ali Farka Touré. With a few petals of Kate Bush and the chlorophyll of Alela Diane, but above all her blossoming in her latest album Stonechild (2019) where Hoop imposes herself as a songwriter with the voice of the wind, scattering in our ears the pollen of her joys and anxieties, her angers and hopes in melodies as sober as they are sparkling.

Paroisse d'Anières-Vésenaz

Simple as that! The Anières chapel modestly imposes its rectangular configuration, elegant neo-Gothic portal and fine bell tower. A stained glass window, just as discreet, casts a blue eye on the interior of the place of worship. Built by architect Henri Juvet in 1890 thanks to a donation, this Protestant chapel was renovated in 1957, followed by restoration work on the roof, the bell tower and the interior spaces. The “new” building was inaugurated in 2012, without fanfare, it goes without saying.