Tue, 2 February 2021

20H30 - (Doors: 20H00)

Temple d’Avully

No need to take a plane to see the desert in bloom, Hermanos Gutiérrez, with their two guitars, desiccate the arid lands and flood it with crystalline melodies.

The sun rises and stretches, the sand is mauve, the freshness of the dawn whips the soul while the two guitars of Stephan and Alejandro Gutiérrez greet the dawn as the flowers grow in the Atacama. Their crunching steps on the sandy floor draw thrumming rhythm patterns, as if a crystalline melody had rained and twisted on the dunes of the meadows, where they gently frolic. Paris, Texas becomes “Quito, Zurich” as we cross the desert like a colourful and evanescent garden, listening on repeat to the instrumental music of the Swiss-Ecuadorian brothers. A magical encounter between Oiseaux-Tempête and Julio Jaramillo, Paco de Lucia and the Los Angeles Negros, the two brothers, with their fingertips and a sure touch, desiccate and embalm the roses of the desert, turning its crossing into a delightful walk.

Temple d’Avully

It looks rather modest, the Avully Temple, with its pretty dimensions. Built in 1716 by the Republic of Geneva, it was apparently based on two separate buildings. Its basement concealed a dungeon to monitor any lost souls – of which it is said there were few. Rebuilt in 1836, its façade was enhanced with an elegant clock tower. In 1915, a columned portico replaced the more austere awning, completing the building and giving it its fame.  Other restoration works followed, but its charm remained.