Daniele Cosmo / Poperttelli

The Grand Central Stream will end in style with a crazy French-Swiss party featuring Daniele Cosmo, mastermind behind Zurich’s record label Lux Rec and Helena Hauff’s sidekick, who set the Caserne des Vernets dancefloor alight in February 2020. An emblematic figure on the Swiss scene, his sets – physical, obscure and intense – uncompromisingly explore all the nuances of the underground in a skilful blend of electro, post punk and industrial music. For the final Grand Central Stream, we’ll then travel across the border with Poperttelli. The prolific French producer will undoubtedly have your sofas oozing with sound vibrations. The frenzy of his grooves, as exhilarating as they are unclassifiable, will leave us on a high. Warn your neighbours, it’ll be loud!

From 9 p.m.


Daniele Cosmo is, together with Faber, the man behind Lux Rec. A record label out of Zurich that uncompromisingly explores all the shades of the underground. Physical, obscure, intense. He’s as well part of Savage Grounds, the analog techno outfit that dwells in darker, noisier and more menacing sounds.



Poperttelli is a French electronic music producer. His style is hard to categorise, despite a rather recognisable touch between “collage of collected sounds, weird slow tempos and exhilarating groove”.

Between 2011 and 2013, Poperttelli released his first records and proto-projects on Annecy’s AB Records, a new label set up by three of his friends from the fine arts school, including Antoine Aubert, the mastermind behind Sierra Manhattan and Bravo Tounky.

In 2016 together with his friend James Verhille (aka Vonverhille), he decided to create Maturre, a label dedicated to exploring electronic music in its many various forms. Their label is now closely linked to Gr_und, a Berlin-based artist-run venue.

Poperttelli soon released an EP on cassette tape, Not the Law the Jungle, followed in 2018 by his first 12’’, Theseus Paradox, which was very well received and has been played by DJs such as Intergalactic Gary, Interstellar Funk, Exhausted Modern or more recently Borusiade.

In 2019 he released an album on the incredible Rennes-based label Lost Dogs Entertainment, Tourists Go Home, a summer sound trip under Eastern European stars. This was followed by an EP in 2020, Exotic Matter, on the London-based label Brokntoys. The last two albums did not go unnoticed either and were played many times, including by Lena Willikens, Anatolian Weapons, Benedikt Frey, Cosmo Vitelli and Phase Fatale.

Later the same year, he featured in ENM, steht für Endlich Normale Menschen, a beautiful compilation by Low Bat on Ear Clip Series, grouping together some ten artists such as Franz Ambient, Blume Attempt, Dame Area and Airaboi.

Poperttelli is scheduled to appear alongside NVST, Phillip Otterbach, Ayaz and Annechoic this year, on a remix EP of Exhausted Modern’s latest album on the Endless Illusion label.

He is also about to release an EP called Teknos Torony on Crisis Records, Imre Kiss’ label – an EP that will precede another big project, still kept secret…