Garçon / Jamira Estrada b2b NVST

No more Röstigraben! For four weeks, Motel Campo will reconnect our linguistic regions thanks to the cream of Swiss DJs and set off to discover the electronic scene that has been shaking Switzerland’s urban nightscape. Here we go for an original b2b between two unstoppable meteorites of the electronic scene that would already be far away in the galaxy of celebrities if COVID hadn’t come knocking on our doors: Zurich’s Jamira Estrada sets dancefloors ablaze with her introspective sets and invigorating sound effects while Geneva’s NVST already had the Caserne des Vernets sweating in 2020 with the exhilarating brutality of her set. A guaranteed match! In the second part of the night, Garçon will deliver his mesmerising techno grooves. The Basel-based DJ, who is already well known in Eastern Switzerland and Europe, will undoubtedly blow your mind!

From 9 p.m.


There is beauty in the art of teasing. Slowly building a gradual groove is a commonplace ideal, but not many are willing to sacrifice the early moments of gratification for a potentially more rewarding experience. Enter Garçon: the Basel-based music aficionado has steadily built his reputation as an expert in mood modulation. Combining hypnotic grooves from all corners of the electronic music scene, he has crafted a style firmly rooted in techno, with a singular affinity for the rhythmically dexterous landscapes that stretch beyond. An original resident of the (now defunct) Basel institution Hinterhof, Garçon – in cooperation with ally Agonis – continues developing Amenthia Recordings’ unique sonic identity at Elysia, taking full advantage of the utilitarian space.



Jamira Estrada (*1998 Chur) works as a musician and dj with mexican and italian heritage, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Curating her own nights at the off-space Cuadro22 in Chur since four years, her dancefloor selection still embodies vividly the search for an invigorating collective stasis. Currently enrolled in her first year of Bachelor in electroacoustic compostition, she is questioning processes on inventive possibilities of sonic effects. Deeply inspired by mythical fantasy worlds and organic organisms, as they cope with existential themes such as love and the struggle for survival, she resolves her work around inclusive spaces. This brought her to work on a wide spectrum of projects, such as giving DJ workshops adressing femme, intersex and non-binary individuals and collaborating with various artists.



NVST’s sets are steeped in streetwise savoir-faire, infused with dark energy and moist atmospheres. The DJ does not fear putting the crowd in uncomfortable situations, defying what they think they know. Her style thrives on clashing genres and textures, coming altogether in raw, acidic unity and leading to a frenetic dance ritual. Hailing from Switzerland’s illegal party scene, NVST is moved by values far from conventionalism and the mainstream in her approach to DJing.

NVST is part of the Statement crew and the Female:Pressure family. She is also the joint director of the French label Big Science and has a bimonthly residency on LYL Radio.