Antigel - GENEVA, WHAT'S UP?



ven3mo / Mighty / i-vye

Tonight we head back to Switzerland for a programme designed by Maïté Chénière aka Mighty (House of Butch Extravaganza). The Afrofuturist DJ and multifaceted artist transforms dancefloors into areas of emancipation and expression for all and is the mastermind behind Geneva’s Archipelagogo Club events. Chénière’s performances, whether in Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Johannesburg or Switzerland make a lasting impression on clubbers and on dancefloors, temporarily transformed into safe spaces. For this 2nd collaboration with SHAP SHAP, the DJ has invited Geneva’s Ven3mo, whose sets are like moving narratives. At her side also, I-vye will take over the decks and redefine clubbing by mixing genres and texts. A committed line-up for an evening to celebrate the multiplicity of identities and bodies.

From 9 p.m.


ven3mo shapes her sets by combining different musical genres to trigger narrative shifts. She considers the club as a political space of deconstruction, where she can reveal her affects and emotions. The Geneva-based artist uses performance and sound as her preferred medium.



Mighty (House of ButchXtra) is a Geneva-based DJ and producer whose music focuses on time and space in an Afrofuturist perspective. The dancefloor becomes a place of emancipation and celebration for multiple and fluid bodies. Mighty runs Archipelagogo Club, a multidisciplinary events space in Geneva that highlights the richness and political heritage of club culture. Mighty has performed in Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Johannesburg and across Switzerland, offering eclectic sets drawing on house and ballroom music.



Hailing from a joint reflection on decolonial politics, Yara Dulac Gisler (aka i-vye) aims to reframe the position of clubbing by interweaving genres and texts. Her pseudonym, composed of the letters I, V, Y & E, refers to the names of four sisters who grew up "displaced" in several colonial senses. The music itself is a quest that is dedicated to them. The Zurich-based artist and researcher previously worked in the field of experimental theatre and performance art, where she began to combine cultural studies with practical work. Today, she mainly works primarily in areas where thought can be processed in a transdisciplinary way and reverberate through communication.