Sat, 13 February

20H30 - (Doors: 19H30)

Alhambra Room, Geneva

True urban shamans, this Geneva outfit plunges its repertoire into the rhythms and folklore of the vast world to offer wandering and bewitching songs.

A tandem composed of experienced percussionist Cyril Bondi (Plaistow, La Tène, Insub) and singer/guitarist Cyril Yeterian (Mama Rosin, founder of Bongo Joe Records), Cyril Cyril draws its inspiration from the ancestral music of this world, chants and litanies from Black Africa to the Middle East, to concoct a bewitching mixture of pop, blues and slam. Armed with a banjo, which turns into a bouzouki or a bağlama, and a cannibal drum set made up of massive bells and tropical walnut shells embedded in a bass drum, the duo rhapsodises impressionist, poetic and militant lyrics in a trance that has as much to do with the hippie giddiness as with the mass solitude of modern cities. Urban shamans, the two Cyrils transcend borders and take their music to psychedelic heights, provoking improbable seismic shocks in a ramshackle world that twirls around in a primitive and exhilarating dance.

Alhambra Room, Geneva

Built between 1918 and 1920 by architect Paul Perrin, this film theatre, originally called Omnia, boasted the country’s first sound cinema installation as early as 1928. It also hosted numerous shows and concerts. Premonitory! Unfortunately, this cosy venue was destined to be demolished to make way for a car park… But, phew! classified as a historical monument and defended by many enthusiasts, it was saved with an ambitious objective: to reconcile the heritage aspects of the site with the requirements of a contemporary concert hall. Carefully renovated, the new 750-seat modular space, in metallic and red colours, was inaugurated in 2015 and is a real showcase for today’s music.