Antigel - BRAZIL, WHAT'S UP?



Freshprincedabahia / Kiara Felippe

The exploration of Latin America’s emerging scenes continues in Brazil. Real highlight of this year’s festival, the Batekoo collective will take over Antigel’s airwaves. Comprising artists, dancers and DJs from the Brazilian favelas, the collective stands against homophobia, transphobia and racism by lending a voice to oppressed youth through committed and visionary parties. No more bossa nova or sweet nostalgia for yesteryear: Brazil’s youth raise their fist and assert themselves through music. From Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro via Belo Horizonte, they gather together through music and celebrate bodies to hip-hop, trap, twerk and funk beats. For Grand Central STREAM, Batekoo presents Freshprincedabahia and Kiara Felippe.

From 9 p.m.


Kiara Felippe