Fri, 12 February 2021

20H30 - (Doors: 19H30)

Alhambra Room, Geneva

The ideal synthesis of our post-lockdown desires and impulses, Arnaud Rebotini infuses us with his Chloroquine.

Listening to Chloroquine (2020), we find ourselves under lockdown in a mesmerising hangar tracking the dawn of a new world, our hearts beating at 120 beats per minute, our bodies pulsing and propelled into a night of dance and trance. Composer, producer, DJ, essential digest of the best of New Beat, 1990s acid, electro-trash and rock music, Arnaud Rebotini, a former member of Black Strobe and the founder of the eponymous label, synthesises the year 2020 and this irrepressible energy that swirls just under our skin, pushing us to break through partitions and walls, and to jig, unleashed on the dancefloor in a joyful and ecstatic hymn to life.

Alhambra Room, Geneva

Built between 1918 and 1920 by architect Paul Perrin, this film theatre, originally called Omnia, boasted the country’s first sound cinema installation as early as 1928. It also hosted numerous shows and concerts. Premonitory! Unfortunately, this cosy venue was destined to be demolished to make way for a car park… But, phew! classified as a historical monument and defended by many enthusiasts, it was saved with an ambitious objective: to reconcile the heritage aspects of the site with the requirements of a contemporary concert hall. Carefully renovated, the new 750-seat modular space, in metallic and red colours, was inaugurated in 2015 and is a real showcase for today’s music.