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Buy your tickets here.

PT       Full rate
TR      Reduced rate (AVS, unemployed, AI, Passedance*)
TJ       Youth rate (<20 years old, students)
JU       Junior (<12 years old, 20ans20francs pass)
FE      Festivalgoer
TU      Flat rate

The rates shown in the online shop are the only valid and applicable ones.

*PASSEDANSE holders are only entitled to a reduced rate (TR) for dance performances.


Festival passes entitle you to discounted tickets, plus one free entrance per event at Grand Central. You can check the rates here.

For free events, you still have to buy your ticket via the shop!

The pass is non-transferable and must be presented at the entrance.

PT       CHF 110
TR       CHF 90 (AVS, unemployed, AI, < 20 years old, students, 20ans20francs pass)

For more information about ticketing or how the festival pass works, please refer to our FAQs.